Physics teaching at the University of Helsinki among the best in Europe

Success in an international evaluation is a credit to the Department of Physics and its staff.

Alt-tekstin paikka The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE), a German think tank carrying out comparative evaluations, published a report in early December ranking the quality of teaching in natural science and mathematics at European universities. The only Finnish university department to be included in the excellence group was the Department of Physical Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

The evaluation included 12 countries. From these, the best 56 university departments were selected for ranking based on the quality of their graduate programmes. In the first stage, European universities were analysed on the basis of four indicators: publications, citations, outstanding researchers, and the content of their Marie Curie programmes. The second stage focused on degree programmes, basic and postgraduate studies, and feedback provided by students.

“The quality of university teaching depends on good teachers, and this was an important aspect of the results," says Professor Juhani Keinonen, Head of Department. “In the future, these kinds of surveys will be increasingly common, and will influence where students apply to study."

According to Keinonen, the results of the evaluation have been closely followed in the academic world. Despite stiff competition, the Department of Physical Studies in Helsinki received warm congratulations from colleagues at other universities.

Further information: Identifying the Best: The CHE Ranking of Excellent European Graduate Programmes in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Text: Tapani Sainio
Photo: Eero Roine

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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