Operation of the new faculties began

The new faculties began to operate at the beginning of this year. The number of faculties increased from nine to eleven.

Infocenter Korona The faculties of Biosciences and Pharmacy are completely new. The Faculty of Behavioural Sciences comprises the former Faculty of Education, and the Departments of Psychology and Phonetics formerly operating under the Faculty of Arts.

The Faculty of Pharmacy comprises the Department of Pharmacy, formerly operating under the Faculty of Science. The Faculty of Biosciences now includes the Departments of Biosciences, Environmental Ecology and Ecology and Systematics from the Faculty of Science and the Department of Environmental Protection from the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.

Three new separate institutes also began at the beginning of this year. The Centre for Continuing Education was divided to the Open University, Institute for Rural Research and Training, and Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education.

See the new faculty websites:

Text: Liisa Voutilainen
Photo: Ida Pimenoff

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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