New web pages introduce professional careers in research

How about a Career in Research? -pages are intended specially for young people interested in a career in research. They provide a lot of information on education, researcher training, gaining the qualifications as well as on professional research work in Finland.

Finland has more researchers per capita than any other EU country, Japan or the United States: the number of researchers per 1,000 workforce is almost 11, compared to nine in Japan and an EU average of around five. Finnish industry is also increasing its investment in R&D faster than any of these countries. These are some of the facts emerging from a report published in summer 2001 by the EU Commission.

There are indeed several fields where the demand for experts with a postgraduate training has shot up in recent years. Researchers are recruited to work for universities, research institutes and business companies; they are also in demand for various positions of expertise.

The pages provide seven different views on the researcher’s career in different field of the natural sciences and engineering. They also describe how the Academy of Finland supports people who are training to be researchers as well as qualified researchers at different stages of their career. One of the key missions of the Academy of Finland is to support professional careers in research.

The new pages can be found on the Academy of Finland web site at > Researcher training.

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