PM Lipponen: Additional funding for science from selling State shareholdings

Speaking at the opening of the Science Forum 2003 at the University of Helsinki on 8 January 2003, Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen proposes that the increase in public research funding to EUR 300 million by 2007, as proposed by the State Council of Science and Technology, would be financed by the profits from selling State shareholdings.

PM Lipponen noted that, within a short period of time, Finland has reached top ranking in several fields of science and technology. He sees as one reason for this success that the co-operation between the public and private sectors enables Finland to engage in a long-term science policy.

According to PM Lipponen, even in the future years of slow economic growth, one of the priorities of public finances has to be the funding of science and technology especially because the slowdown may show as a decrease in the funding from the business sector.

-As earlier, the additional funding could be accrued by selling State shareholdings, PM Lipponen says.

-Only some of the research can profit directly from funding provided by the business sector. Like the humanities and social sciences, basic research in science and technology has to receive resources directed through the State budget, PM Lipponen points out.

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