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J. Matias Palva, PhD
Docent in Neurobiology, Academy Research Fellow, Group Leader
P.O. Box 56, FI-00014 University of Helsinki
Phone: 57612 (internal), +358 50 4484 761
Email: matias.palva at

Spontaneous brain activity fluctuates in time scales spanning at least across five orders of magnitude. These fluctuations have also been observed on all studied spatial (anatomical) scales and they are statistically governed by spatio-temporal power-laws. Such a scale-free organization at a macroscopic level, however, contrasted by salient scale-specificity of neuronal activities, i.e. neuronal oscillations, in the moment-by-moment brain dynamics. We aim to elucidate how scale-free and scale-specific brain dynamics together are correlated with and causally related to variability in human sensory perception, cognitive performance, and motor output. To this end, we have developed methods for quantification of neuronal scaling-laws as well as for mapping dynamic neuronal interaction networks from invasive and non-invasive electrophysiological recordings of human brain activity. We are also developing an integrated neuroinformatics platform for project and data management, analysis, visualization, data sharing, and joint methods/model development. Spatio-temporal and –spectral interaction maps comprise samples of task-dependent human dynamic connectome. We expect an accumulation of this connectome map to yield decisive insight into the mechanisms that coordinate neuronal activity both into transient scale-specific neuronal ensembles and into overall scale-free dynamics. These mechanisms may be critical for coherent perceptual, cognitive, and motor operations as well as in the emergence of scale-free fluctuations in human behavioral performance, respectively.