Neuroscience seminar series - Spring 2017

On selected Fridays, at 14:00.
Neuroscience Center, Cultivator II (Viikinkaari 4), Seminar room B105, 1st floor.

Peter Uhlhaas (University of Glasgow, Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology)

Oscillations and Neuronal Dynamics in Schizophrenia: The Search for Basic Symptoms and Translational Opportunities
Host: Satu Palva
NOTE at 10

Doctoral disseration: Shrikanth Kulashekhar
The role of cortical oscillations in the estimation and maintenance of sensory and duration information in working memory
NOTE at 13, place: Infocenter Korona (Viikinkaari 11), lecture hall 172

Kelvin Luk (Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania)

Chasing a moving target - The dynamics of pathological alpha-synuclein propagation Host: Henri Huttunen
NOTE on Thursday at 16, place room 2402, Biocenter 3 (Viikinkaari 1)

Doctoral dissertation: Yan Xu

New insight into mechanisms of transcellular propagation of tau and alpha-synuclein in neurodegenerative diseases
NOTE at 12, place: room 235 (aud 2), Infocenter Korona, Viikinkaari 11

Gulayse Ince Dunn (Ko
ç University)
Global analysis of NEUROD2 targets reveals new insights into differentiation of cortical projection neurons and neuronal calcium homeostasis
Host: Eero Castrén

Ertuğrul Kılıç (Istanbul Medipol University)

From biology to treatment: Molecular and cellular approaches to protect or repair brain from degeneration
Host: Mikko AIravaara
NOTE on Thursday at 15

Jonathan Smallwood (University of York, Dpt of Psychology)

Escaping the here and now: towards a component process account of the role of the default mode network in human cognition
Host: Jaana Simola

Thilo Womelsdorf (York University, Toronto)

Cell and Circuit Motifs of Inter-areal Neuronal Coordination in Prefrontal
Cortex during Goal-directed, Attentive behaviors

Host: Satu Palva

Antonello Bonci (National Institute on Drug Abuse's Intramural Research Program)

From synaptic plasticity to optogenetics and a novel treatment against cocaine abuse
Host: Mart Saarma
NOTE on Monday at 14

Neil S. Millar (UCL, London)

Allosteric modulation of nicotinic acetylcholine
Host: Raimo Tuominen
NOTE on Thursday at 15, place: room 2402, Biocenter 3, Viikinkaari 1

Jean-Christophe Poncer (INSERM, Paris)

The multifaceted personality of the KCC2 transporter in cortical neurons
Host: Claudio Rivera
NOTE on Thursday at 14


Neuroscience seminar series - Autumn 2017

On selected Fridays, at 14:00.
Neuroscience Center, Cultivator II (Viikinkaari 4), Seminar room B105, 1st floor.

Ilya Vinnikov (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Role of neuronal microRNAs in complex trait disorders
Host: Andrii Domanskyi
NOTE on Wednesday at 14

Lisa Monteggia (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)

Mechanism of Rapid Antidepressant Responses

Host: Tomi Rantamäki

Anders Nykjaer
(Aarhus University)
Regulated sortilin-shedding balances synaptic input and emotional state
Host: Mart Saarma
NOTE on Thursday at 14

Liliane Tenenbaum
(Lausanne University Hospital)
Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Gene Delivery in Parkinson's Desease: A Delicate Balance between Neuroprotection and time- and dose-dependent effects on dopamine homeostasis
Host: Mikko Airavaara
NOTE on Friday at 10

Poul Henning
(Aarhus University)
Have we missed a critical phase for reduced cytolic calcium during alphasynuclein aggregate-dependent neurodegeneration?
Host: Mart Saarma

Konstantin Khodosevich (Biotech Research and Innovation Centre, University of Copenhagen)

Maturation of inhibitory neurons and its impairment in neurodevelopmental disorders
Host: Andrii Domanskyi

Per Svenningsson (Karolinska Institutet)

5-HT1BR/p11 and GPR37 as targets in Parkinson's disease
Host: Mart Saarma