Education at Neuroscience Center

Strong investment in research-based teaching is one of the central strategies of the University of Helsinki. The position of the Neuroscience Center as an interdisciplinary research institute gives it a unique opportunity to promote successfully this task. Neuroscience courses are being organized at both the Viikki and Meilahti campuses. 

The Neuroscience Center provides a wide range of neuroscience teaching that integrates recent research with undergraduate and graduate courses. Lectures, seminars, and laboratory courses are designed in collaboration with experts in teaching techniques to ensure high efficacy and quality of teaching.
All courses organized by the Neuroscience Center are in English. Currently, teaching provided by the Neuroscience Center  equals the credits required for minor subject studies in neuroscience (25 ECTS credits), a doctoral degree (60 ECTS cr), or to complete a major in the international Master´s Degree Programme in Neuroscience (120 ECTS cr).