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Seminar series


The Neuroscience seminar series, organized regularly since 2003, has proven to be an important instrument of scientific exchange as well as student education. In 2011, a total of 22 seminars were held by international and Finnish research scientists, ranging from young independent researchers to prominent senior scientists. Speakers are usually invited by the Neuroscience Center group leaders, and seminars cover a broad range of topics from neuroscience to cell biology. The audience of 30 to 50 people consists of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and senior faculty members. Guest speaker presentations are always followed by questions from the audience and lively discussions. For PhD students, regular attendance and active participation in the seminars count as points towards their study plan. In addition to the main presentation, each invited speaker is encouraged to spend time with a number of group leaders individually, engaging in more in-depth discussion of recent findings and mutually interesting scientific questions. List of seminars 2011 >>>

New seminar series in translational neuroscience was launched. The seminars are organized 2-3 times per semester in an alternating fashion in Viikki and Meilahti campuses. The goal of this new series is to bring basic neuroscientists, clinically oriented researchers and neurologists together. A speaker with a timely topic in basic research, clinical neurology or psychiatry is invited to visit the other campus. The main presentation will be accompanied by a supporting local presentation offering background information on the molecular mechanistic or clinical aspects of the topic. The series is organized jointly by the Neuroscience Center, Molecular Neurology Programme and Department of Neurology and is coordinated by docent Henri Huttunen.