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Course and Symposium: Molecular and behavioral techniques in fish neurobiology
Organizer: Pertti Panula


The Neuroscience Center organized, together with the Nordforsk BiFiNe Network, the Faculty of Medicine, and the Finnish Graduate School of Neurosciences, a three-day course and symposium entitled Molecular and Behavioral Techniques in Fish Neurobiology in the zebrafish facility at Biomedicum. The meeting was held on October 24-26, 2011. More than 50 participants attended 27 oral presentations and 4 poster sessions. In the commercial exhibition, leading manufacturers of aquarium equipment presented new developments.

The program consisted of a broad selection of new techniques and discoveries in fish molecular biology and behavior. The meeting offered a unique forum in which scientists from molecular neuroscience to behavioral ecology could discuss the latest systems for analyzing fish behavior and correlating findings with specific brain mechanisms. Participants included most Nordic fish neuroscientists and leading European experts in transgenesis and fish behavior, postdoctoral scientists, and doctoral students.