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Helmy MM, Ruusuvuori E, Watkins PV, Voipio J, Kanold PO, Kaila K. Acid extrusion via blood-brain barrier causes brain alkalosis and seizures after neonatal asphyxia. Brain. 2012 Nov;135(Pt 11):3311-9.

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Faraz Ahmad: Post-translational regulation of KCC2 in the rat hippocampus (2012)

Stanislav Khirug: Functional expression and subcellular localization of the Cl- cotransporters KCC2 and NKCC1 in rodent hippocampal and neocortical neurons (2011)

Zachi Horn: Cytoskeleton-interacting proteins in brainstem development (2011) Co-supervision with Eric Herlenius, Karolinska Institutet

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