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Neurons, photo: Aino Vesikansa

updated 15.08.2017


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Students of MNEURO who have started their studies before the education reform (1 August 2017) have the possibility to pursue their degree in accordance with the old degree structure. They may also transfer to the new degree programme, if they so wish. Students of MNEURO can tranfer to Master's Programme in Neuroscience.

More information in WebOodi and Flamma.

The substitute table shows which studies in the new degree programme substitute for studies in the curriculum of the old degree structure and which studies in the old degree structure substitute for studies in the new curriculum.

920012 MNEURO Seminar
6 Cr
Responsible person Sari Lauri
Timing first meeting on September 21, 2017 at 10 am, Physiology library (Bio3)
No registration needed.
Target group: second year MNeuro students
Objectives: The objective is to engage students in the world of neuroscience research and develop their ability for scientific thinking. At the seminar, the students will practice both the written and oral communication skills in the neuroscience, get familiar with the local neuroscience research community as well as scientific publishing, funding and career opportunities.
Contents: scientific writing, publishing in peer reviewed scientific journals, presenting and defending scientific data, writing a research plan. Site visits to research laboratories in the field. The seminar will also support the writing process of Master’s thesis.
Completion: participation, active discussions, written tasks and oral presentations in the seminars


920001 Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
Will be replaced by NEU-101 Cellular physiology and NEU-102 Cellular neurobiology.

920002 Developmental Neuroscience
Will be replaced by NEU-531

920006 Synaptic Signaling and Plasticity
Will be replaced by NEU-502

920007 Basic Mechanisms of Nervous System Disorders
Will be replace by NEU-521 Basic mechanisms of nervous system diseases

920022/52098 Phenotypic Analysis of Transgenic Animals
Not organized anymore.

920009/52265 Introduction to Neurobiology
Will be replaced by NEU-104 Integrative neurobiology

52271 Electrophysiological Techniques
Will be replaced by NEU-542

920019/52277 Brain slice eletrophysiology
Will be replaced by NEU-543

920028 Basic Methods in Molecular Neurobiology
Will be replaced by NEU-501 Basic methods in neuroscience

920026 Book Examination in Cognitive Neuroscience
Credits 6 cr
Responsible person Satu Palva
Literature Gazzaniga, M.S., Ivry, R.B., Mangun, G.R., Steven, M.S. Cognitive neuroscience: The biology of the mind (Norton, New York, 4th edition)
Relations to other study units Prerequisite for the course "920016 Systems Neuroscience: Perception, attention,and memory".
Evaluation Grading scale 0-5.
Registration Check the exam dates from to satu.palva(at)

920016 Systems Neuroscience: Perception, Attention, and Memory Brain dynamics
Not organized

920017 Data Analysis in Systems Neuroscience
Will be replaced by NEUBM-453

920024 Translational Neuroscience
Not organized

522049 Lectures in Laboratory Animal Science
Will be replaced by NEU-603 Laboratory Animal Science

522020 Neurobiophysics 1 and 522021 Neurobiophysics 2
Will be replaced by NEU-541 Introduction to neurobiophysics

920029 Neuroepigenetics
Will be replaced by NEUBM-532

920030 Optogenetic techniques in neuroscience
Not organized

920031 Neuroregeneration
Not organized

59084 Neuropharmacology
Will be replaced by PROV-502

920023 Personal Study Plan
s 1 Cr
Responsible person Katri Wegelius

52232 Final Examination in M.Sc. Degree in Neuroscience
8-12 Cr
Responsible person Sari Lauri
Literature The exam is based on selected exam books (e.g. Cowan, Sudhoff and Stevens: Synapses, 2003, 792 pp) and review articles.

50144 Master´s Thesis
40 Cr
Responsible person Sari Lauri

570018-570023 Maturity Essay
Credits 0 Cr
Responsible person Sari Lauri

920027 Practical Training
6-10 Cr
Responsible person Sari Lauri
Objective To engage students in scientific thinking and to develop their ability for independent work and the reporting of results.
Contents Laboratory training in a research group operating at the university, a research institute or a company.
Completion A research proposal, a laboratory note book, and a written report.
Duration 4-7 weeks of full-time work.
Evaluation Laboratory work and a written report, grading scale pass/fail.

920000 Neuroscience Seminar Series
List of seminars
To obtain the credits, please ask a signature from the host of the seminar to verify your attendance. The signed document should contain the date and the name of the speaker (see the attached form)
20 attended seminars = 1.5 Cr
Responsible person Katri Wegelius