Coordinator, professor
Jorma Kuparinen


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Department of Environmental Sciences
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Janne Rintala

Janne-Markus Rintala, photo: Anja Neutzling

Merentutkimuslaitos - Havsforskningsinstitutet
Finnish Institute of Marine Research
Erik Palmènin aukio 1
00560 Helsinki


Research Interest

Morphology, taxonomy, physiology and ecology
of eukaryotic micro-organisms
i.e. algae and protozoa.

List of recent publications

Scientific Publications
2007    Rintala, J-M., Spilling, K. & Blomster, J.: Temporary cyst enables long term dark survival of Scrippsiella hangoei (Dinophyceae). Marine Biology 152: 57-62.

2007    Kuparinen, J., Kuosa, H., Andersson, A., Autio, R., Granskog, M., Ikävalko, J., Kaarto-kallio, H., Karell, K., Leskinen, E., Piiparinen, J., Rintala, J-M & Tuomainen, J.: Role of Sea ice Biota in Nutrinet and Organic Material Cycles in the Northern Baltic Sea. Ambio 36 (2-3):

2007    Vahtera, E., Laamanen, M. & Rintala, J-M.: Use of different phosphorus sources by the bloom forming cyanobacteria  Aphanizoomenon flos-aquae and Nodularia spumigena. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 46: 225-237.

2006    Rintala, J-M., Piiparinen, J.,Ehn, J., Autio, R. & Kuosa, H.2006: Changes in phytoplankton and nutrient quantities in the sea ice as responses to light/dark manipulations during different phases of the Baltic winter 2003. Hydrobiologia 554: 11-24.

2005    Stoecker, D., Autio, R., Rintala, J-M. &Kuosa, H.2005: Ecto-cellular Enzyme Activity associated with Cyanobacterial colonies n the Baltic. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 40: 151-161.

2005    Setälä, O., Autio, R., Kuosa, H. Rintala, J. & Ylöstalo, P. 2004: Survival and photosynthetic activity of Dinophysis acuminata populations in the northern Baltic sea. Harmfull Algae 4: 337-350.