The Master's Degree Programme in Plant Production Science

Education and research from molecular biology to production systems


The Master's Degree Programme in Plant Production Science (MScPPS) provides students with an advanced understanding of the principles of sustainable plant production. It also provides the knowledge needed for further development of plant production in response to rapidly changing challenges in the food and agricultural sector. The focus of MScPPS studies ranges from molecular and cell biology to agroecology and food production systems.

MScPPS is organized by the Department of Agricultural Sciences in close co-operation with the Nordic NOVA University Network, research institutes, and industry. The high quality and international impact of the research in the Department of Agricultural Sciences makes the studying environment innovative and guarantees up-to-date high-quality teaching. The research areas at the department include agrobiodiversity, food system analysis, response of cultivated plants to environmental stresses, managing crop yield and quality, plant-based bioenergy, phytoremediation, conservation of genetic resources, molecular basis of flower development, secondary metabolism in plants, and plant-pathogen interactions.

The programme offers five specialist options under the major subject Plant Production Sciences: Agroecology, Crop Science, Horticulture, Plant Breeding, and Plant Pathology. You also have an opportunity to specialise in Plant Virology studies within Plant Pathology.

The MScPPS programme is designed for students who possess a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural, horticultural or biological sciences and who want to gain further expertise in ecological sustainability of agriculture and food systems, crop production, horticulture, and plant breeding and pathology.

The acquired academic expertise in the MScPPS programme qualifies for a broad range of employment opportunities in the public and private sector both in Finland and abroad. Studies in the programme develop interdisciplinary knowledge and skills needed in careers in plant-related academic research, industry, extension and consultation, and education.

The University of Helsinki has one intake of students per year to the Master's programmes. The application period for 2016 is now closed.
Information about the application period for 2017 and possible changes in the UH MSc programmes will be announced soon.

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