Models and Simulations 5 - Program

Helsinki, 14-16 June 2012


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Thursday 14.6.

14:00 – 15:00 Registration

Metsätalo Lobby

15:00 – 17:00
Contributed papers I

Room 8
Verification of simulations (Chair Erika Mansnerus)

Frederic Loulergue
On the formal verification of computer simulations

Matt Spencer
The Materiality of Simulation in Computational Physics

Julie Jebeile
Verification & Validation of Computer Simulations: A Philosophical Analysis

Room 9
Scientific representation
(Chair Tarja Knuuttila)

Agnes Bolinska
Towards an Account of Scientific Representation

Axel Gelfert and Jacob Mok
Models, Theory, and Attempted Direct Representation: A Cautionary Tale from Membrane and Cell Biology

Koray Karaca
The modeling features of diagram models




17:30 – 18:45

Room 2
Uskali Mäki: Opening (15 min)

Keynote lecture: Mary Morgan (60 min)
Models as Working Objects in Science
(Chair: Uskali Mäki)

Rector’s reception

University Main Building, press room
(Fabianinkatu 33)


Friday 15.6.




Contributed papers II

Room 8
Economic models
(Chair Uskali Mäki)

Stefan Mendritzki
Modelling Trade-offs and Explanatory Pluralism in Economics

Melissa Vergara Fernández and François Claveau
Separating the Heuristic and Evidential Roles of the DMP Model

Ivan Boldyrev and Alexey Ushakov
Learning how to Change the World: the Role of Performativity in the Philosophy of Modeling

Room 12
(Chair Aki Lehtinen)

Erika Mansnerus
Iteration as a way to integrate various sources of evidence in infectious disease models

Ann-Sophie Barwich
Get a whiff of this! Modelling the Mechanism of Primary Odor Recognition

Vincent Ardourel
Discrete mechanics: a good formulation for modelling physical phenomena?

Lunch at Piano (Rauhankatu 15)



13:15 – 15:15
Contributed papers III

Room 8
Mathematical models
 (Chair Paul Humphreys)

Davide Rizza
Mathematical redundancy and reduction in economic modeling

Tarja Knuuttila and Andrea Loettgers
Synthetic Modeling: Material Recombination and Beyond

Tudor Baetu
The Explanatory Role of Mathematical Models in System Biology

Room 12
Explanation and simulation (Chair Johannes Lenhard)

Caterina Marchionni and Petri Ylikoski
Agent-based simulation, bottom-up explanation and methodological individualism

Juan M Durán
Explanation in computer simulation results: towards its conceptualization

Till Gruene-Yanoff
Modelling and How-Possible Explanations




15:45 – 17:45
Contributed papers IV

Room 8
Kinds of data
 (Chair Petri Ylikoski)

Paul Humphreys
The Epistemological Status of Data from Computed Tomography

Eckhart Arnold
Experiments and Simulations. Do They Fuse?

Anouk Barberousse
Computer simulations and empirical data

Room 12
Idealisation I
(Chair Kevin Hoover)

Armin Schulz
The Heuristic Defence of Idealised Models: A Critical Assessment

Tobias Breidenmoser
Three Kinds of Simplification

Ashley Kennedy
Realism through Idealization: Explanatory Models in Science

17:55 – 18:55

Keynote lecture: Rosaria Conte (with Gualia Andrighetto and Mario Paolucci)
When Math Helps (not) the Social Science
(Chair: Aris Spanos)


Saturday 16.6.

9:30-10:00 Refreshments



Contributed papers V

Room 8
Statistical models
(Chair Jaakko Kuorikoski)

Joel Katzav
Climate modelling and severe testing epistemology

Aris Spanos
Realisticness of Models vs. the Reliability of Inference: Learning from Observational Data

Kevin Hoover
The Role of Hypothesis Testing in the Molding of Econometric Models

Room 12
Idealisation II
(Chair Juha Saatsi)

Raphael van Riel
‘According to the model, p’. Semantic vs. Psychological Aspects in Scientific Modelling

Paul Teller
An artifact of a modeling idealization: The case of higher order vagueness

Roberto Fumagalli
Economic Models and Neuro-Psychological Ontologies: Three Challenges to Realisticness

Lunch at Sunn (Aleksanterinkatu 26)



13:15 – 15:15
Contributed papers VI

Room 8
Philosophical accounts of models
(Chair Till Grüne-Yanoff)

Juha Saatsi
Models and analogies: a challenge to the ‘partial structure’ account

Marion Vorms
Ernest Nagel’s conception of models: When agents get into the picture of theories

Room 12
(Chair Caterina Marchionni)

Johanna Thoma
On the alleged confirmatory value of robustness analysis in economic modeling

Anna Leuschner
Certainty, uncertainty, and robustness in climate modeling





15:45 – 17:45
Contributed papers VII

Room 8
(Chair Paul Teller)

Aki Lehtinen
Fictional representations for tracking truth

Adam Toon
Models, make-believe, and the indirect fictions view

Anna-Mari Rusanen and Otto Lappi
Modeling Artificial Intelligence: How fictional models explain

Room 12
 (Chair Anouk Barberousse)

Johannes Lenhard
Simulation, Representation, and Cartography: Compiling a Virtual Atlas

Catherine Stinson
Computational Models as Mechanistic Explanations: From Connectionism to Cognitive Neuroscience

Jaakko Kuorikoski and Samuli Pöyhönen
Understanding non-modular functionality – lessons from genetic algorithms

17:55 – 19:00

Room 2
Keynote lecture: Tim Benton (60 min)
Models and Knowledge
(Chair: Paul Humphreys)


Uskali Mäki: Closing (5 min)

Conference dinner at Katsomo (Kasarmikatu 46-48)