Modeling Molecules and Nanosystems (MoMoNano)



Study requirements

Major subject studies (at least 80 cr)

Compulsory studies (50 cr)

The student is required to take the following courses (applies to the students admitted to MoMoNano through NOCCAP):

  • Scientific Programming, 10 cr
  • This course can be completed in two ways:

    Either by taking the both the two courses Scientific Computing IIa and Scientific computing II b (for local students only), or by taking only the latter course Scientific computing II b and doing some some extra exercises and programming assignments (this is an option for both local and non-local NOCCAP students).

    • Molecular quantum mechanics, 10 cr. This course consists of two separately lectured local courses (Quantum Chemistry, 5 cr and Advanced Quantum Chemistry, 4 cr, supplemented with an extra exercise, 1 cr)
    • Mathematical and numerical methods (GU), 10 cr
    • Atomic scale simulations, 10 cr (This course consists of two separately lectured local courses (Monte Carlo-simulations in physics, 5 cr and a course on electronic structure calculations, 5 cr)
    • Joint seminar series (KCCP), 2,5 cr
    • Special assignment and mini conference, 2,5 cr
    • Statistical methods, 5 cr
Elective studies

The student can choose courses from the following specialization courses in HU:

Notice that in order to obtain a NOCCAP joint degree, the student needs to select a set of 30-60 ECTS points in optional courses offered by the participating Universities.

Other studies

  • Personal study plan (HOPS), 1 cr
  • Advanced internship or vocational orientation studies, 1–3 cr

Master's thesis (40 cr)