Modeling Molecules and Nanosystems (MoMoNano)

General description

General description


MoMoNano is a two year (120 ECTS-compatible credits) Master's Programme in computational molecular science, leading to a Master of Science degree. It is a part of the Nordic Consortium in Computational Chemistry and Physics (NOCCAP), which is formed by five Nordic universities.

MoMoNano is organized jointly by of the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physics. The programme produces holders of a Master’s degree who possess a versatile education in computational chemistry and physics. The programme contains two specialist options: chemistry and physics. Although students will specialise in one of these options, they will also become acquainted with the basic principles of the other field. The aim is to educate holders of a Master’s degree with a solid grounding for careers in computational molecular science.

The teaching in MoMoNano is given in English.

The awarded degree is part of the university sector of Finnish higher education and is in accordance with the Finnish Universities Act (645/1997, 556/2005).

MoMoNano starts at September, 2nd 2010.