Elina Roine
University Lecturer

Department of Biosciences

Viikinkaari 9
(P.O. Box 56)
00014 University of Helsinki


Tel: +358 (0)2941 59109
Fax:+358 (0)9 386 7170

Roine Group


Prokaryotic viral diversity: from genomes to functions

Microbes are awfully diverse. This is especially true for the genomic sequence space of prokaryotic viruses.

The general objective of our research is to characterize viruses from scarcely studied niches, to increase information of the functions of genes residing in prokaryotic viral genomes and virus related functions in their respective hosts. We attempt to apply both environmental as well as culture based methods to the analyses of our viral samples.

Combination of information obtained from both isolation and molecular characterization (morphology, structural proteins, genome structure and sequence) of viruses as well as from environmental approaches (metagenomics) allows us to obtain better understanding of the viral samples than either approach alone.


The specific niches studied so far include hypersaline environment from which we have characterized a new group of haloarchaeal pleomorphic viruses (Atanasova et al. 2012; Pietilä et al. 2009; Pietilä et al. 2010; Roine et al. 2010; Senčilo et al. 2012).

One of our key findings in these pleomorphic viruses is that according to the genomic content they are related while their genome types (ss/ds DNA) can be different (Roine et al. 2010; Senčilo et al. 2012).


Our current projects also include the characterization of bacteriophages infecting filamentous, toxin producing cyanobacteria as well as ice bacteria and their viruses of the Baltic Sea. Among the studies of the functionality of the viral gene products is the study of the predicted fusion proteins of the pleomorphic viruses.

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