Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Viikinkaari 9
(P.O. Box 56)
00014 University of Helsinki


Programme on Molecular Virology

The Molecular Virology Unit consists of research teams headed by four Principal Investigators Dennis Bamford, Hanna Oksanen, Minna Poranen and Elina Roine.

Two Academy of Finland funded Center of Excellences (CoEs), the CoE in Virus Research (2006-2011) and the CoE in Structural Virology (2000-2005), laid the foundation for the deep exploration of the viral universe.

Biomolecular complex purification, Biocomplex, is part of the University of Helsinki Life Science Research Infrastructures (HiLIFE). Biocomples, previous Instruct Centre for Virus and Macromolecular complex purification (ICVIR), provides highly purified material for structural analyses (link to our new web pages). Biocomplex is at the national road map.

We are located at the University of Helsinki Viikki Campus (Biocenter 1) at the Faculty of Environmental and Biological Sciences.