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General phonetics investigates the mediation of a linguistic message from the speaker to the hearer, the segmental, prosodic and acoustic properties of speech, and the relationship between language and speech. Phonetic methods and results can be applied, e.g., to language teaching and speech technology.



Aulanko, Reijo, Lecturer
Vastaanotto: ma 13-14

    Kallio, Heini, Doctoral Student  
    Lehtinen, Mona, Part-Time Teacher
    Simko, Juraj, Post-Doctoral Researcher
    Tiainen, Mikko, Doctoral Student

Vainio, Martti, Professor
Vastaanotto: ke 10-11




Speech Communication

Speech Communication examines human speech communication behaviour in all kinds of interactional situations. Speech Communication takes both verbal and nonverbal communication into account.



Poutiainen, Saila, University Lecturer
Vastaanotto: ma 15-16

    Hollanti, Katariina, University Teacher