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During their studies, students can engage in internationalisation in many ways at both foreign universities and their home university. If they have not completed the international student exchange during their Bachelor’s studies, they are recommended to do so during their Master’s studies.

During the exchange, students complete part of the studies included in their degree at a foreign university. A well-planned and well-timed student exchange offers the opportunity to make the degree more diverse and discover new perspectives on one’s own studies. Students usually make their exchange visit during their Bachelor’s studies but may include it in the Master’s degree as well.

Students can obtain an exchange place either through an exchange programme or independently. All exchange programmes include a scholarship or a grant whose amount depends on the programme, the duration of the exchange visit and the target country. Those who have obtained an exchange place independently can apply for a travel grant. It is also possible to complete the practical training included in the Master’s degree abroad.

Internationalisation is possible at the University of Helsinki as well. For instance, students serve as peer tutors for exchange students at the University of Helsinki. The Faculty of Arts has numerous teaching and research staff members who have an international background and who thus bring an international perspective into studies and studying.