The Professors at the Department of Modern Languages are listed on this page.




Carlson Lauri
Professor (language theory and translation)

Translation Studies

  • multilingual language technology
  • ontology, terminology
  • semantics of natural language
  • logic of dialogue

Helkkula Mervi
Professor of French language

French Philology

  • linguistic examination of French literature
  • text linguistics
  • stylistics
  • contrastive linguistics

Hietaranta Pentti
Professor of English translation)

English Translation

  • functional translation studies
  • cognitive aspects of translation
  • pragmatics

Honkela Timo
Professor of Research into Digital Materials

Language Technology

  • computational semantics and pragmatics
  • socio-cognitive modelling
  • the philosophy of artificial intelligence and its applications in the humanities and social sciences

Huttunen Tomi
Professor of Russian literature and culture

Russian Language and Literature

  • Russian Imaginism (Anatoly Marienhof)
  • montage in Russian culture (cultural semiotics)
  • Russian post-modernism (Lev Rubinstein)
  • Russian rock music and poetry

Härmä Juhani
Professor of Romance Philology

French Philology

  • syntax of old and modern French
  • contrastive French-Finnish linguistics
  • textual research
  • recent interest in the historical use of French in Finland, especially in Finnish correspondence in French

Lindstedt Jouko
Professor of Slavonic Philology

West and South Slavonic Languages and Cultures

  • development of Bulgarian and Macedonian as Balkan languages
  • origins, spontaneous change and nativisation of Esperanto as a language in contact
  • language policy in the Balkans and the European Union
  • Old Church Slavonic and early Slavonic studies
  • South Slavonic Philology
  • tense, aspect and evidentiality

Mauranen Anna
Professor of English

English Philology

  • English as a lingua franca
  • language theory

Miestamo Matti
Professor of General Linguistics

General Linguistics

  • linguistic typology
  • negation
  • interrogatives
  • language complexity
  • language documentation
  • Skolt Saami language

Mustajoki Arto
Professor of Russian Language and Literature

Russian Language and Literature

  • functional grammar
  • (Russian) corpus linguistics
  • non-standard Russian and cross-cultural communication
  • modelling of miscommunication

Nevalainen Terttu
Professor of English Philology

English Philology

  • English language and its variation and change
  • corpus research
  • historical sociolinguistics
  • English during the Tudor and Stuart period

Palander-Collin Minna
Professor of English Philology

English Philology

  • history of English
  • historical sociolinguistics
  • historical pragmatics
  • language and identity
  • language change and contact

Pettersson Bo
Professor in the Literature of the United States

English Philology

  • Anglo-American literature
  • other literatures
  • narrative studies
  • cognitive literary studies
  • literary theory and interpretation
  • the study of imagination
  • aesthetics (philosophical and empirical)
  • rhetorical figures
  • interdisciplinarity and interarts
  • popular culture

Riiho Timo
Professor of Ibero-Romance Languages

Spanish Philology, Portuguese Philology

  • linguistics
  • Ibero-Romance languages
  • historical and comparative syntax
  • prepositions
  • personal pronouns

Tiedemann Jörg
Professor of Language Technology

Language Technology

  • machine translation
  • multilingual text processing
  • question answering and information extraction

Tiittula Liisa
Professor of German Language

Translation Studies

  • literary translation
  • speech-to-text interpreting
  • subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • institutional interaction
  • multimodality
  • Finnish-German business communication

Fixed-term professors

The research interests of fixed-term professors are listed on the University Lecturers page

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Lenk Hartmut, Germanic Philology, profile on TUHAT
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