The research projects and some of the theses of the department are primarily directed towards the following focus areas:

  • Research in cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Conversation and interaction research
  • Language technology and corpus research

The department possesses diverse competences in these fields as well as good opportunities for cooperation across different disciplines and departments.

Emerging fields include research of concepts and intellectual history, and Europe research. The department boasts research traditions with regard to the first theme, for example, in questions pertaining to the tradition of textual interpretation.  The latter theme, especially as by definition it includes Russia research, lies at the core of the geographical territory of the department.

The aim is that all lecturers conduct research and/or write publicly available study materials and that all researchers also teach.

More information on research projects and units as well as researchers and publications can be found on Research Database TUHAT.

Projects with external funding:

Research blogs:

Postgraduate studies

The postgraduate degrees available at the Faculty of Arts are Doctor of Philosophy and Licentiate of Philosophy. More information is available on the Faculty website.