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The Department of Modern Languages
PO Box 24
00014 University of Helsinki
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+358-2-941 24480

nykykielet-toimisto [at] helsinki.fi

The Department of Modern Languages is part of the
Faculty of Arts.

National and international special duties

FIN-CLARIN coordination responsibility

FIN-CLARIN is a national project related to the European EU-CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure), which from the beginning has been coordinated by the Department of General Linguistics. In addition to the University of Helsinki, participants in the project include four other universities, the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland and CSC — IT Center for Science Ltd.

Teaching and research of rare languages

The University of Helsinki has the national responsibility for the teaching of numerous ‘rare languages’. The Ministry of Education has supported these activities with an annual appropriation (the so-called HARVI funding). Languages studied only at the University of Helsinki (minimum of a basic studies module):  Bulgarian, Galician, Catalan, Dutch, Central South Slavic (Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian), Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Ukrainian.   In addition, students can study 15 ECTS credits’ of Basque at the department. The department is also nationally responsible for major subject teaching in Italian, Polish and Czech languages.