Teaching and research on languages and cultures

The Department of Modern Languages is an internationally recognised research community. It studies languages spoken in Europe (and elsewhere in the world) and literature written in those languages. The Department also contributes to the development of the general theory of linguistics, translation studies, language technology and literary research. It is a prominent social force in its field in Finnish society.

The Department comprises 22 disciplines, 17 of which can be studied as a major subject. It offers teaching in a total of 23 languages. The Department is the leading Finnish educational organisation in its field.

The Department’s graduates find employment as teachers, translators, interpreters and researchers as well as academic professionals and experts working in the private and public sectors.

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Seminar on translation, multimodality, interaction, and understanding

The Expression of Knowledge: Epistemicity and Beyond

The goal of this symposium is to extend the notion of expression of knowledge even further to include any possible way of referring to how and why we know what we know. This is not to diminish the relevance of epistemicity, but rather to broaden the perspective, and in so doing also to examine the interplay of these categories with other ways of referring to how we manage knowledge linguistically. In other words, our goal is to arrive at a holistic view of knowledge expression.

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