The Master's Degree Programme in

Environment and Natural Resources MENVI


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Microbiology is a multidisciplinary science on the biology of microbial organisms, which are too small in size to be seen at cellular level without magnification by a microscope. Bacteria, archaea, yeasts and other fungi, and microscopic unicellular animals (protists) and plants (algae) are traditionally studied by microbiologists. Microbes are found everywhere in our living environments, and in fact, most of the biomass on our planet is comprised of microbial cells. Life on Earth would be impossible without microbes.

Microbiology falls into four main areas: environmental and food microbiology, microbial biotechnology, and medical microbiology. The three first are taught in the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry at the Viikki Campus site of the University of Helsinki. The courses and research activity are directed towards applied microbiology, i.e. understanding the benefits and risks that microbes can offer or pose to agriculture and forestry, food industry, environmental management and biotechnology, and to explore microbial diversity within diverse environments and associations with other organisms.

We expect you to have prior knowledge and studies in biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, environmental sciences or biology.

Degree Requirements

General studies                                       16 ECTS

Introduction to Studies in MENVI
includes Personal Study Plan               3 ECTS
Bioethics, 812092                                    3 ECTS
Academic Writing I, 993734                   2 ECTS
Academic Writing II, 993735                  2 ECTS
Experimental design and analysis, KTB407, 812098 5 ECTS
Work Life Orientation, 864996               1 ECTS


Major subject studies in Microbiology 76 ECTS

Advanced Methods in Microbiology, MIKRO510, 864085             17 ECTS
Microbial Genetics, Laboratory Course, MIKRO560, 864039        5 ECTS
MENVI Seminar, 864993                                                                       4 ECTS
Master's Thesis in Microbiology, MIKRO600, 86434                     40 ECTS
Maturity Essay
Master`s Readings, MIKRO650, 86436                                           10 ECTS

* Optional MIKRO500 level course in microbiology, or advanced level course in Environmental Biotechnology (YBIOT), or in another MENVI programme major subject


Other studies                                            28 ECTS

Courses from the list Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies (see the bottom of the page) or other courses approved by the professor.

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