The Master's Degree Programme in

Environment and Natural Resources MENVI

Environmental Soil Science

Photo by: Linda Tammisto

Environmental soil science focuses on processes and phenomena occurring in soil. The interactions of soil with plants, watercourses and air are studied using chemistry, physics and biology. We concentrate on mechanisms that control the reactions and impacts of native and anthropogenic substances on the functions of ecosystems in soil and sediment.

The studies include, for example, characterisation and roles of different soil components, including the solid phase, water and soil air. The objective of the studies is to get a thorough insight into how soil processes can be utilized in sustainable plant production, in prevention of environmental problems and in remediation of deteriorated sites.

We expect you to have sufficient knowledge of chemistry and soil science. The following disciplines are examples of backgrounds that produce eligibility to study Environmental Soil Science in MENVI: soil science, environmental science, environmental chemistry, soil geology, physical geography and crop science.

Degree Requirements

General studies                                       16 ECTS

Introduction to Studies in MENVI
includes Personal Study Plan               3 ECTS
Bioethics, 812092                                    3 ECTS
Academic Writing I, 993734                   2 ECTS
Academic Writing II, 993735                  2 ECTS
Experimental design and analysis KTT407, 812098 5 ECTS
Work Life Orientation, 864996               1 ECTS



Major subject studies in Environmental Soil Science 70 ECTS

Soil Science laboratory Practical I, MAA265, 817860 and II, MAA365, 817861
Soil Science laboratory III, MAA560, 817846


Advanced Soil Science, MAA500, 81786 5 ECTS
Suitable course in applied soil science*        5 ECTS
Environmental Soil Science Readings III,
MAA570, 817848


MENVI Seminar, 864993 4 ECTS
Master’s Thesis, MAA590, 817849   40 ECTS
Maturity Essay  


*for example:

Laboratory Practical III, MAA560, 817846
Biogeochemistry of boreal forest ecosystems and soils, ME413, 83628


Other studies                                            34 ECTS

Courses from the list Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies (see the bottom of the page) or other courses approved by the professor.

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