The Master's Degree Programme in

Environment and Natural Resources MENVI


Photo by: Linda TammistoThis site includes information on the curriculum and degree requirements of the MENVI programme. Read more about the degree requirements of each major subject (study line) on their own MENVI web pages:
Plant Production Biology (Agroecology)
Agrotechnology (Environmental Engineering in Agriculture)
Environmental Soil Science

Each student will have a customized study plan that can emphasize their field of interest. The study plan includes fundamental courses as well as special items. Instructions for compiling the study plan are given during the introduction course. Your personal study plan has to be approved by your professor in charge.

General studies

The General Studies in MENVI programme are common for all study lines and compulsory for all MENVI students. The General Studies include an introductory course on studies in MENVI, along with courses in Bioethics, Statistics, Academic Writing and Work Life Orientation.

Major Subject Studies

The Major Subject Studies consist of advanced courses in your study line and the Master’s Thesis.

Read more about the curriculum and degree requirements on the web page of each study line: Agroecology, Environmental Engineering in Agriculture, Environmental Soil Science, and Microbiology. The course descriptions are found in WebOodi by searching with the course name or code. The courses presented here without a numerical code are new courses and not in WebOodi.

It is good to note that in Finland, a rather regular form of studying is a literature examination. This means that there are no lectures in the course but the completion of the course is done through a book exam.

Master’s Thesis is worth 40 ECTS, including the short Maturity Essay. In the Master’s thesis work you learn to apply the scientific method in an independent research project supervised by an academic. You will formulate your hypothesis, design and conduct the experiments that test the hypothesis, analyse the results using appropriate tools including statistics, and interpret the outcomes in light of the existing scientific literature and your contribution to it. You will also present your thesis work during the MENVI Seminar, which is common for all the MENVI students.

Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies

Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies are optional studies supporting your own personal interests. You can choose from a wide variety of courses.

This list includes examples of some courses organised in previous academic years in environmental issues (please note that more courses can be found through Weboodi online study guide):

Multidiciplinary environmental teaching in HENVI seminars, 80101, 1 cr, period I

Sustainable agriculture and rural development, 81810, 3 cr, period I

Participatory methods in sustainable management of natural resources, 83633, 5 cr, period I

Methods of Environmental Science and Policy, 865484, 3 cr, period II

Special Topics on EU and World Agriculture, 82015, period II

Agricultural and rural policy of the European Union, 82001, period III

Agriculture and Forestry in Developing Countries, 80053, period III

Climate Change and Sustainable Development, 990110, 5 cr, period IV

Agroforestry in the tropics and developing countries, 83554, 5 cr, period IV

Pedogenesis and soil classification, 817088, 3 cr, period III, even years

Environmental GIS, 51978 / 83454, 5 cr, period IV (Basic knowledge of GIS and use of ArcGIS-soft ware is required.)

Soil formation and classification, 83672, period II

Restoration and Rehabilitation of Degraded Ecosystems - Theory and Application, 830111, period IV

Biogeochemistry of boreal forest ecosystems and soils, 83628, period IV

(The number of places on some of these courses is limited and priority will be given based on the study background of the students.)

The course descriptions are found in WebOodi, too, by searching with the course name or code. The registration for the courses occurs in WebOodi.

Please find here the confirmed Degree Structure document for 2014-2015

More information about the courses taught in English in the University of Helsinki can be found through the following links:

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Practical training can be included in Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies. Practical training is performed in one of the research groups of MENVI departments or in industry or a research institute. The interested students will search the practical training placement in the spring term of the 1st MSc study year.