The Master's Degree Programme in

Environment and Natural Resources MENVI


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Agroecology advances sustainable development in agriculture and food systems, with focus on ecological sustainability. The courses focus on agroecosystems, agrobiodiversity, and production systems. Issues of adaptive management of natural resources in agriculture, food system analysis, as well as ecological foundations of food security are included.

We expect you to have prior knowledge of agricultural sciences, especially of plant production, agricultural technology or environmental sciences relating to agriculture and food systems, along with some understanding of ecology, geography, industrial ecology or systems analysis.

Degree Requirements

General studies                                       16 ECTS

Introduction to Studies in MENVI
includes Personal Study Plan               3 ECTS
Bioethics, 812092                                    3 ECTS
Academic Writing I, 993734                   2 ECTS
Academic Writing II, 993735                  2 ECTS
Experimental design and analysis KTT407, 812098  5 ECTS
Work Life Orientation, 864996              1 ECTS


Major subject studies in Agroecology 74 ECTS

Ecology of Food Systems, AEKO301 (Farm as an ecosystem), 812053  5 ECTS
Agroecosystem and Agrobiodiversity, AEKO403, 812017          5 ECTS
Sustainability in Agri-Food Systems, AEKO501, 812018            5 ECTS
Literature in Agroecology, AEKO502, 812025                               5 ECTS
Wildlife in the Farming Environment, AEKO505, 812096            5 ECTS
Elective courses in agroecology (approved by the professor)   5 ECTS
MENVI Seminar, 864993                                                                   4 ECTS
Master’s Thesis, AEKO503, 812021                                               40 ECTS
Maturity Essay


Other studies                                            30 ECTS

Courses from the list Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies (see the bottom of the page) or other courses approved by the professor.

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