The Master's Degree Programme in

Environment and Natural Resources MENVI


General description

Photo by: Linda Tammisto

The Master’s Degree Programme in Environment and Natural Resources MENVI started in September 2010.

The MENVI students will receive their MSc in Agriculture and Forestry diplomas from the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.

The MENVI programme offers an excellent choice of education for international students as well as for Finnish students aiming for an international career.

  • Degree: MSc in Agriculture and Forestry
  • Extent and Duration: 120 ECTS credits, 2-3 years
    (maximum of 30 ECTS credits supplementary studies if needed)
  • Start date for the last set of the MENVI students: September 2016
  • Language: English
  • Legal basis: The awarded degree in part of the university sector of Finnish higher education and is in accordance with the Finnish Universities Act (645/1997, 556/2005)
  • Aim of the programme: MENVI aims to educate experts in environmental issues.
  • Academic fields: Agroecology, Environmental Soil Science , Environmental Engineering in Agriculture, and Microbiology

    The MENVI major subjects and specialist options:

    Specialist option

    Major subject


    Plant Production Biology

    Environmental Engineering in Agriculture


    Environmental Soil Science

    Environmental Soil Science



    The MENVI students will receive their MSc diplomas in their major subject.
    Plant Production Sciences and Agricultural and Environmental Engineering as major subjects include several specialist options, but the specialist options offered in English in the MENVI programme are Agroecology and Environmental Engineering in Agriculture.
  • Target areas of student recruitment: The MENVI programme is open for all students with relevant BSc or equivalent degrees. It is expected that the applicant (depending on the choice of specialist option) has both theoretical and practical previous studies from the fields mentioned below. This is important, as the content of the MENVI programme in the field of major subject studies is at the level of advanced studies.

    Relevant fields for MENVI specialist options are, for example:
    • Agroecology: agricultural science, plant production, agricultural technology, or environmental science (ecological or environmental studies with strong orientation to agriculture (i.e. sufficient prior understanding of agricultural systems) )
    • Environmental Engineering in Agriculture: agricultural science, agricultural technology, or agricultural management
    • Environmental Soil Science: soil science, environmental science, environmental chemistry, soil geology, physical geography, or plant production
    • Microbiology: microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, environmental sciences, or biology
  • Organisers: The programme is organised jointly by the departments of Agricultural Sciences and Food and Environmental Sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry at the University of Helsinki.