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Fennia is an Open Access international peer-review journal published in English and dedicated to all fields of geography. The journal intends to be international in scope and welcomes theoretical or methodological contributions as well as case-studies from all over the world. Fennia is open to different issues and approaches based on research standards of high quality.

We encourage you all to consider Fennia for your research, both as a reader and as an author. Submissions from young researchers and scholars from all over the world are particularly welcome.

Papers can be submitted either as a Research paper or as a Review article. Research papers must report original researches contributing to scientific knowledge and grounded in the relevant geographical literature. Review essays discuss the state of the art in specific fields and report discussions and findings from previous studies. All manuscripts are reviewed by the editors and two external reviewers.

We encourage the submission of introductory summary chapters of doctoral dissertations (in forms of compilation theses) in the Review section.

Papers should be submitted through the online submission system. In order to submit a paper, register yourself as "author" using the registration interface on the same page.

Special issue proposals are also welcome. Fennia has already published a number of successful special issues including the 3rd Nordic Geographers Meeting Special Issue, Vol 188, No 1 (2010) .

Fennia is also available via Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

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Fennia, Department of Geosciences and Geography, P.O. Box 64, Fin-00014, University of Helsinki

back issues:

Back issues predating the Open Access era are available through Bookstore Tiedekirja, Kirkkokatu 14, FI-00170 Helsinki, Finland.