Master's Degree Programme in International Business Law and

Public International Law


Career Prospects


The Master’s Degree Programme in International Business Law and Public International Law is a research-oriented master’s programme aiming to prepare a select group of participants for a high-level legal career. Students will graduate with the title of Master of International and Comparative Law. The programme trains students to become internationally oriented professionals who will be well-qualified for careers in international legal practice (Foreign Ministries, other public institutions, international organizations and NGOs), legal academia or hired by law firms and corporate legal departments. As the theoretical parts of the programme offers a good basis for further studies and graduates are encouraged to consider for doctoral studies at the Faculty.

Completion of the Master of International and Comparative Law (MICL) degree does not qualify the graduate for positions which require a Finnish Master of Laws degree (oikeustieteen maisteri, OTM). The MICL degree provides general eligibility for doctoral studies. 

Read experiences from a current MICL student

Read experiences from a current MICL student

Our former student Sarah Stephan shares her story

Former LLM students' comments about studying at the Faculty of Law

Tiina Pajuste
 B.A., University of Tartu, Estonia; LL.M. University of Helsinki 2006/7

The main reason why I am content that I made the decision to do the LL.M. programme is that the quality of lectures was outstanding. Also there was a wide enough variety of courses offered to cater to every taste. I found myself attending a lot more lectures than required and I enjoyed every one of them. The lecturers were all experts in their field and passionate about the topics they were teaching and their enthusiasm was contagious. The atmosphere at the university was at the same time both academically challenging and relaxed and supportive. Lecturers always encouraged active participation and provided valuable feedback. Differences of opinion were accepted and creativeness promoted. For the abovementioned reasons I consider the year spent doing the LL.M programme to be one of the most exiting in my life up to now and therefore I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to stay on at the university and do a research project.

René Urueña
LL.M Unversity of Helsinki 2004–2005, Doctoral dissertation at the University of Helsinki in November 2010, Assistant Professor and Director of the International Law Program Universidad de Los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia)    

"Helsinki? Why Helsinki?” -  Such is the question I often get when commenting on my choice for LL.M.  Being Latin American, the choice is far from obvious. And indeed: why Helsinki?  Well, there is academic life, to begin with. Top – level lecturers and professors, a wide variety of courses, and several world-famous research institutes make the Law Faculty at the University of Helsinki a vibrant hub of intellectual life, hard to find elsewhere. There are, also, my friends. During my LL.M, I shared classrooms and dinner tables with people from all around the world, some of whom became close friends and esteemed colleagues who enrich my life to this day. And then, there are the several other details that made that year unique - from having coffee with great international law scholars, to the midnight sun. “Why Helsinki?”  I guess the right question is: “Why not?”   

Sarah Stephan
LL.B., Hanse Law School, University of Bremen; LL.M. University of Helsinki, 2007/8

The University of Helsinki LL.M. Diploma Programme in Public International Law was a great academic experience. The wide variety of courses offered were taught by lecturers who do not only have great expertise in their fields and outstanding international reputations but who also offer great support to their students. The programme succeeded in creating the space and the right atmosphere for my development as a jurist. I was encouraged to follow my individual research interests and am grateful for the constructive feedback I regularly received from my teachers and fellow students. My schedule was complemented by occasional seminars and guest lectures at the law and political science faculties as well as Finnish and Swedish language courses. I can sincerely describe my LL.M. studies as interactive, interdisciplinary, challenging and absolutely satisfying. Today I work as a researcher and project manager for an NGO that conducts projects and research related to peace and conflict. My LL.M. studies have strengthened my passion for Public International Law, a tool and a way of thinking that I appreciate every day.