Learning Centre Aleksandria

Opening hours during terms:
Mon–Fri 8.00–19.45, Sat 10.00–15.45
P.O.Box 53 (Fabianinkatu 28)
00014 University of Helsinki
Opening hours during summer:
1.6.–31.7. Mon–Fri 10.00–17.45
1.8.–25.8. Mon–Fri 8.00–17.45
tel. +358-2941 23265
e-mail: vaksi-f28(a)helsinki.fi
Fabianinkatu 26 and Vuorikatu 7
as well as through the connecting passageway
from Porthania
Further details:
Self-Access language learning
IT services
The Educational Centre for ICT


On May Day Eve 30.4.2014 the building will be closed at 17:45 o’clock, and the premises will be cleared out. No night use!

On May Day 1.5.2014 the building is closed until 16:00 o’clock, after which night use is possible.


The Learning Centre has about 340 computers for independent study. The 70 computers on Floor 1 are reserved for quick use.

To use the computers in Aleksandria, you need a user account for the University of Helsinki. At present, the User Accounts Service Desk for Aleksandria is situated in the library lobby in Kaisa House. IT support is also available via telephone and e-mail at Helpdesk.

Copiers and printers

There is a printer on each floor, and the copiers are located on Floor 1 under the stairs. To use the printers, you need a user account, and for copying you need a Helsinki University copy card, which you can buy at the library service desk.

When a machine runs out of paper or ink, these may be requested from the porters. Even though Unigrafia is primarily responsible for the technical maintenance of the machines, it is best to first turn to the porters if the machines do not work.

Storage of research material

There are storage units on wheels for storage of material needed in research or thesis work. The units can be obtained free of charge but you will need a coin to insert in the lock to remove the key. For information on storage unit booking status, ask the library service desk personnel.

Group work facilities

You can book group work facilities through the room booking system. You can make a booking if you have a user account for any network system at the University of Helsinki.

Teaching facilities

The booking of IT teaching facilities K130 - K133 is made by a booking request form.

Other facilities

The student lounge is located on the floor between Floor K and Floor 1. This space is not for working. The lounge is available during Aleksandria opening hours only.

Handicapped accessible toilets are located on Floors 1 and 3.  The other toilets are located near the lifts on each floor, except for the Floor K and Floor 1, where the toilets are at the north end of the building.

Equal access

Night use

All floors in Aleksandria are available for night use. The group work facilities are available only during the official opening hours. For night use, you need a magnetic key issued by the User Accounts Service Desk.


The service point for porters is located in the entrance hall on Floor 1. The porters are present during the opening hours in Aleksandria. 

  • Jyrki Ranema and Raija Lehtonen, tel. +358-2941 23265, 050 465 4329
  • E-mail: vaksi-f28(a)helsinki.fi

Lost property

Lost and found property can be taken to and inquired about from the porters.