25 May 2017

LCD poster on display at ICAME 38

Joonas Kesäniemi, Turo Vartiainen and Tanja Säily presented a poster describing the latest developments regarding the database and LADA, the LCD Aggregated Data Analysis workbench, at the ICAME 38 conference in Prague.

15–17 May 2017

Jefrey Lijffijt’s visit

Project collaborator Jefrey Lijffijt visited the team in Helsinki to hear about the latest developments concerning the database and to give a demonstration of the tools he has been developing.

2 December 2016

LCD poster on display at BAULT 2016

LCD was introduced to the Building and Using Language Technology research community at the BAULT 2016 symposium in Helsinki.

14 October 2016

Turo Vartiainen defends his PhD dissertation

Project member Turo Vartiainen defended his PhD dissertation, Challenges in Categorization: Corpus-based Studies of Adjectival Premodifiers in English. His opponent was Dr Graeme Trousdale, The University of Edinburgh.

18 September 2016


Terttu Nevalainen, Tanja Säily and Turo Vartiainen (in collaboration with Jefrey Lijffijt and the LCD team) will give a presentation entitled “What can you do with 200 studies of language change?” at the ISLE 4 conference in Poznan.

8 June 2016

LCD presented at ELAG 2016

Joonas Kesäniemi gave a presentation on the database at the ELAG 2016 conference in Copenhagen.

15–19 May 2016

Project collaborators’ visit

Peter Trudgill, Jefrey Lijffijt and Sali Tagliamonte visited the project, providing valuable feedback on the database and planning research based on it as well as giving a guest lecture each.

April 2016

LCD paper published

Our paper, Language Change Database: A new online resource, has been published in the ICAME Journal.

10–11 March 2016

LCD poster on display at the HiSoN conference

LCD was introduced to members of the Historical Sociolinguistics Network at the HiSoN conference in Helsinki.

9 February 2016

Annual report, 2014–2015

The first annual report of the Reassessing Language Change project has been published, with an overview of our activities over the past year and a half.

12 January 2016

New year, upcoming publication

Happy New Year! We are happy to report that a description of the database will be published in the next issue of the ICAME Journal. We say goodbye to one of our research assistants, Emily Öhman, who is now a doctoral student. Thanks and congratulations, Emily! We welcome a new research assistant, Aatu Liimatta.

20 October 2015

LCD poster on display at the d2e conference

Project members Tanja Säily and Turo Vartiainen will give a presentation on the database at the d2e conference in Helsinki. Joonas Kesäniemi will demo the database to the conference participants.

18 August 2015

Database now at 161 entries

Our research assistants have been busy over the summer, bringing the current total of entries up to 161. We'd also like to thank those of you who filled in the questionnaire - your feedback is appreciated.

28 May 2015

LCD poster on display at ICAME 36

Project members Tanja Säily and Turo Vartiainen will give a presentation on the database at the ICAME 36 conference in Trier, soliciting feedback from the conference participants.

29 April 2015

LCD project course successfully completed

The students of the advanced study module have helped design the structure and contents of the Language Change Database this spring. They are happy to have gained a substantial amount of hands-on project experience during the four-month course.

The project leaders would like to thank the attendees for all the work they did during the spring months. Their feedback was very insightful and helped make the database more user-friendly.

22 April 2015

102 entries - and counting

The online pilot version of the database got its very first entries today. There are currently 102 entries in total, with more to come.