Full programme and abstracts

Download the full programme [Updated 8 August 2015.]

Please note that registered participants of LC 2015, can also freely participate in the scientific program of CLMPS 2015. If you have registered for LC 2015, you do not need to register to CLMPS 2015 separately.

Invited speaker presentation slides

ASL Council Meeting

Time: Wednesday, 5 August, at 20.00-23.00
Place: Runebereg Hall, Main Building (Fabianinkatu 33)

All members of ASL are welcome!

Book of abstracts

Online version of the book of abstracts [PDF, 9,2 Mt]

NOTE: The online version has book marks/list of contents which you can use with Adobe Reader or Mac Preview to move between differenct sections of the book of abstracts. You should download the pdf to your own computer/mobile device for the book marks to work.

Please note that the program of the book of abstracts was printed on 7 July and the pdf version of the program [on top of this page] is the version of the program that is updated.

[Error correction: CLMPS 2015 Affiliated meetings "Philosophy of Mathematical Practice" and "The Logical Structure of Correlated Information Change (LogiCIC)" have been added in the end of the book of abstracts]

Online lectures

All plenary lectures of LC 2015 will be streamed online:

Johan van Benthem's plenary:

CLMPS 2015 and LC 2015 opening ceremony: