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Joining the LC 2003 mailing list

In order to join the Logic Colloquium 2003 mailing list, please send an e-mail to, with the body consisting of the following line:

     subscribe lc-2003

You may append the address you want to subscribe, if that is different from your sending address. For instance:

     subscribe lc-2003

As a routine measure to prevent malicious subscription of unwilling parties, the list managing software will send you immediately an automatic confirmation request. Your subscription will be completed when you reply to the request according to the instructions.

The procedure for unsubscribing is the same, with the command "unsubscribe" substituted for "subscribe", of course, and without the confirmation phase.

You can send any questions regarding the mailing list to the address . Please include the words "Mailing list" in the subject line.
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