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LBS offers facilities, equipment and support for many kinds of research. Most of the studies are basic research, but also applied issues are increasingly common. Research is usually done with external funding but LBS also has its own research projects both in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The main theme in the research done in Lammi is environmental change in boreal ecosystems. Currently, research projects are often interdisciplinary and done together with several universities and governmental institutes.

LBS is especially known for its aquatic research and research related to environmental change; eutrofication, interaction between catchment area and lakes, and global warming to name a few. To study these questions long-term ecological data are essential. This kind of monitoring has been done in Lammi since the 1960’s.

Research in terrestrial systems includes e.g., research on rarity, biodiversity and reasons for extinction. During recent years the station has become well-known as a site where the Metapopulation research group of the University of Helsinki is carrying out their experimental studies.

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Air temperature at the Station:
Hourly averages of flow velocity in River Mustajoki:
Hourly averages of Nitrate concentrations in River Puujoki:
Water temperature in Lake Vanavesi from a three month period in Autumn 2013: