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Internships at Lammi Biological Station

Lammi Biological Station International Internship Program

Are you looking for an internship / traineeship that will provide you with an abundance of real-world experiences and challenges in the beautiful environs of a world class biological station?



Internships / traineeships at the Station offer you:

  • the chance to gain experience working in a wide range of research projects
  • the opportunity to design your own independent project
  • depending on your internship, it is possible to have lodging at no cost to you in the Station's newly renovated dormitories

    Good to know:

  • Internship length is flexible, but an ideal time period is about 3-6 months.
  • Availability and start dates of internships vary
  • ERASMUS and ERASMUS+ students are welcome
  • ECTS credits can be earned by interns during their stay
  • Internships can be done at various stages of study (undergrad, graduate level)
  • Interns from both research universities and universities of applied sciences are welcome
  • You will be responsible for paying for your travel to Lammi.
  • Interns cover the costs of their meals. You can prepare meals in the dormitory kitchen or eat at our excellent cafeteria
  • Research equipment and materials are provided.

    Examples of research programs that interns can involve themselves in:

  • Aquatic sciences, hydrobiology, limnology (Lauri Arvola, Jussi Huotari, Tiina Tulonen, Sari Uusheimo)

  • Metapopulation ecology, invertibrate ecology (Suvi Ikonen, Marjo Saastamoinen)

  • Host-pathogen evolution (Anne-Liisa Laine, Steve Parratt)

  • Mammal ecology, behavioural ecology (Janne Sundell, John Loehr)

  • Amphipod ecology and evolution (John Loehr, Janne Sundell)

  • Plant ecology, ecosystem ecology, plant-light-pollinator interactions, plant-phenology-pollinator interactions. (Matt Robson, Titta Kotilainen, Saara Hartikainen, Craig Brelsford, Marta Piereste)

    Interns are encouraged to develop their own topics and you are free to suggest a general or a specific topic to us.

    For more information please contact our research and education coordinator, John Loehr (, +358 504151726)


    Here's a little glimpse of life at the station provided by our 2016 intern Rafael Gonzalez: