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Lynx research


The Regional Council of Häme and Lammi biological station support lynx research

The Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institutute has been researching lynx (Lynx lynx) as part of their lynx ecology project, which has been underway since 2007. Leading the project is researcher Katja Holmala who aims to investigate home-range size and usage as well as the location of home ranges in relation to human activity. The measurement of basic indicators such as reproductive success, mortality and dispersal along with DNA sampling will help give a general understanding of lynx population structure in southern Finland.

vaakunaAn important part of the project is also the satellite collaring of lynx, which helps to give exact information on the movements of individuals. So far lynx have been collared in the Savo and northern Häme regions of southern Finland, and hopefully we will soon be able to collar some lynx right here in Häme.

The lynx has long been a important species in Häme and appears on the region's coat of arms. To help out with the research, the Regional Council of Häme has donated a satellite collar, and staff at Lammi biological station are helping out with the trapping. The lynx traps have been in the field since January. Although we haven't had a lynx visit the traps yet, there are lots of signs of lynx in the area.



Lynx research


The traps have had a few visitors, but the wrong species!