About N-SINK:

N-SINK is a LIFE+ 2012 project lead by University of Helsinki's Lammi Biological Station, and in cooperation with: Unversity of Helsinki's Department of Physics, University of Jyväskylä's Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Agrifood Research Finland (MTT) as well as other local interest groups (Hämeenlinnan Seudun Vesi Oy, Janakkalan Vesi, City of Valkeakoski, Hämeen Liitto). N-SINK is also supported by the Ministry of the Environment

The N-SINK project aims to demonstrate cost efficient wastewater treatment processes for nitrogen removal in order to reduce eutrophication of the Baltic sea.

In particular, it will demonstrate an innovative sediment filtration process for reducing nitrogen load when waste water nitrogen is released as nitrate. This will use natural ecosystem service provided by the sediment.