The EOPS Source Index 1994

The EOPS Source Index

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L'Aquila, May 30th - June 2nd, 1994

33rd Annual Meeting

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94-01 Curtin V T
Mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the conjunctiva with intraocular extension
94-02 Naumann G O H
Conjunctivitis lignosa
94-03 Garner A
Conjunctival rhinosporidiosis
94-04 Latkovic Z
Rhinosporidiosis conjunctivae
94-05 Lee W R
Infection of the cornea by pathogens derived from a lichen
94-06 Pe'er J
Epibulbar choristoma containing bone and cartilage in a baby with linear nevus sebaceous of Jadassohn
94-07 Proen&ccdeli;a R
Melanoma of the conjunctiva
94-08 Sterkers M
Bilateral subconjunctival B cell lymphoma
94-09 Tarkkanen A
Molteno implant
94-10 Vogel M
Phacolytic glaucoma
94-11 McCartney A C E
Ocular Beçhet's disease: acute phase ?
[Not presented]
94-12 Sach J
Haemangiosarcoma involving ciliary body
94-13 Süveges I
Primary bilateral intraocular lymphoma with late CNS involvement
94-14 Kivelä T
A slowly growing, highly infiltrating melanoma of the ciliary body
94-15 Hanssens M
Uveal malignant melanoma and asteroid hyalosis
94-16 Daicker B
Unusual spread of a proton beam-treated choroidal melanoma
94-17 Bechrakis N E
Uveal malignant melanoma with extraocular extension or diffuse uveal melanocytic proliferation ?
94-18 de Wolff-Rouendaal D
Uveal metastasis of ductal carcinoma of the breast
94-19 Löffler K
Unusual tumour in a phthisical eye
94-20 Pecorella I
Extensive ocular oxalosis in an AIDS patient
94-21 Trabucchi G
Histopathological features of surgically excised neovascular membranes
94-22 Messmer E
Multifocal intraretinal angiomatosis
94-23 Hamburg A
Giant cell astrocytoma of the retina
[Rediagnosis of a previous case, see 82-11]
94-24 Balestrazzi E
Retinal metastasis from cutaneous melanoma, treated by local excision
94-25 Kennedy S
Ophthalmic findings in a case of Crouzon's syndrome
94-26 Quintana M
Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia (AHE) of the orbit
94-27 Prause J U
Orbital chloroma
94-28 Saornil M A
Bilateral orbital lymphoma
[Not presented]
94-29 Sahel J
Orbital Kaposi sarcoma: an unusual location ?
[Not presented]
94-30 Kock E
Multiple fibrosclerosis of the orbit ? Malignant plasma cell tumour ? A case for diagnosis
94-31 Seregard S
Giant cell angiofibromatous tumor of the orbit. A new entity or a new location?
94-32 Tóth J
Bilateral orbital mass and recurrent xanthelasma: a case of Erdheim-Chester disease ?
94-33 Mooy C M
Ganglioneuroma of the orbit
94-34 Stefani F H
Koyanagi's retrolaminar angiomatous formation in the optic nerve of an adult
94-35 Völcker H E
Caseating granuloma of the lacrimal gland
94-36 Lieb W
Mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the lacrimal gland
94-37 Parsons M A
Goblet cell carcinoma of presumed lacrimal gland origin
94-38 Witschel H
Adenocarcinoma of eccrine sweat glands (primary histiocytoid or signet-ring carcinoma of the eyelid)

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Letter to the Editor Tero Kivelä Courtesy of the University of Helsinki