The EOPS Source Index 1990

The EOPS Source Index

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Coimbra, June 3rd - 6th, 1990

29th Annual Meeting

90-01 Gass J D M
Panophthalmitis and pseudoglioma caused by retinal telangiectasis
90-02 Sahel J A
Metastatic orbital neuroblastoma
90-03 Kock E
Melanocytic schwannoma of the orbit
90-04 Balestrazzi E
Neurilemmoma of the ciliary body
90-05 Farrell M
Painful recurrent orbital lesion
90-06 Witschel H
Orbital and choroidal squamous cell carcinoma of unknown origin
90-07 Sterkers M
Orbital melanoma in a naevus of Ota
90-08 Jensen O A
Malignant melanoma of the socket 65 years after therapy for bilateral retinoblastoma
90-09 Uffer S
Bilateral diffuse uveal tumor associated with a systemic malignancy
90-10 Weber F
Recurrent malignant melanoma of the conjunctiva
90-11 McCartney A C E
Nucleolar organizer regions in iris melanocytic tumours
90-12 Lee W R
Mollicutes in the retinal pigment epithelium
90-13 Mullaney J
Melanoma of the lacrimal sac
90-14 Brihaye- van Geertruyden M
Granuloma in the region of the lacrimal sac
90-15 D'Hermies F D
Basal cell carcinoma of the eyelid: an unusual clinical type
90-16 Brini A
Apocrine gland adenoma of the eyelid
90-17 de Wolff-Rouendaal D
Dysplastic naevus of the right lower eyelid margin
90-18 Tóth J
Xeroderma pigmentosum and malignant tumor in a young child
[No protocol]
90-19 Cunha- Vaz J G
Portuguese type of systemic heredofamilial amyloidosis
90-20 Hamburg A
Corneal degeneration and scleromalacia. Wegener's disease ?
90-21 Völcker H E
Juvenile episcleritis and peripheral corneal ulceration
90-22 Vogel M H
Chronic nongranulomatous episcleritis
90-23 Garner A
Corneal dermolipoma associated with microphthalmia
90-24 Löffler K U
Congenital corneal staphyloma
90-25 Goder G J
Widespread Wegener's granulomatosis with scleral and orbital involvement
90-26 Arnesen K
Retinal tumour in a four-year-old male riesenschnauzer
90-27 Naeser P
Central progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) in a cocker spaniel ?
90-28 Daicker B
Leber's optic atrophy
90-29 Stefani F H
Bilateral Schnabel's optic atrophy
90-30 Landolt E
Cyst in the optic nerve in patients dying of AIDS
[Revised diagnosis by author: possible artifact]
90-31 Hanssens M
Radiation vasculopathy following brachytherapy for choroidal malignant melanoma
90-32 Messmer E P
Sympathetic ophthalmia 47 years following penetrating trauma
90-33 Libert J
Electron microscopic studies in culture-negative endophthalmitis
90-34 Naumann G O H
Diffuse necrotizing zoster retinitis
90-35 Prause J U
Immunologically induced purulent anterior segment inflammation of the guinea pig eye

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