The EOPS Source Index 1977

The EOPS Source Index

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Munich, June 14th - 17th, 1977

16th Annual Meeting

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77-01 Green W R
Brown tumor of frontal bone
77-02 Hanssens M
Tumour of the orbit. Case for diagnosis
77-03 Goder G J
Orbital tumour in early childhood (myxoid liposarcoma?) - encephalomeningocele after exenteration
77-04 Henríquez A S
Rhabdomyosarcoma of orbit
77-05 Barry D R
Orbital granuloma with systemic associations
77-06 Arnesen K
Proliferation of retinal vessels in a case of dysplasia reno-facialis (Potter syndrome)
77-07 Laszczyk W A
Lipoatrophic diabetes (Lawrence syndrome)
77-08 Litricin O
Retinal capillary telangiectasis (Coats' disease)
77-09 Daicker B
Necrotizing hypersensitivity-angiitis Zeek
77-10 Lee W R
Renal failure treated by peritoneal dialysis: acute bilateral opacification of lens (? hypocalcaemic): malignant hypertension.
77-11 Offret H
Orbital histiocytosis X
77-12 Nover A H
Eosinophilic granuloma of the orbit
77-15 Naeser P
"Hemangioma" of the orbit
77-14 Quintana M
Haemangioendothelioma of the orbit
77-15 Slezak H
Parabulbar cystic tumour
77-16 Landolt E
Expulsive haemorrhage
77-17 Hinzpeter E N
Spontaneous haemophthalmus in leukaemia
77-18 Naumann G O H
Endophthalmitis haemo-granulomatosa (a special reaction to intraocular hemorrhage)
77-19 Andersen S R
Aniridia and cataract in chromosomal anomaly (deletion 11)
77-20 Hamburg A
Ocular and other congenital deformities
77-21 Ashton N
Ocular injury from podophyllum resin
77-22 Lund O-E
Corneal scarring after epidemic keratoconjunctivitis
77-23 Garner A
Corneal oxytalan fibres
77-24 Donders P C
Lattice dystrophy with generalized hereditary amyloidosis (Meretoja's syndrome)
77-25 Bec P
Conjunctival amyloidosis
77-26 Morgan G
Chronic granuloma of the lids with marginal keratitis - A case for discussion
77-27 Merenmies L
Mycotic tumour of the lacrimal sac
77-28 Manschot W A
Intravitreal silicone injection
77-29 Tarkkanen A
Measles retinopathy during cytotoxic chemotherapy
77-30 Böck J
Glioma retinae in the left eye of a 16-year-old boy
77-31 Fanta H
Metastases in the ciliary body after a carcinoma of the breast
77-32 Vogel M H
Leiomyoma of the ciliary body
77-33 Brini A
Ring melanoma of the ciliary body and iris root
77-34 Latkovic Z
Uveal malignant melanoma present in the orbit for 17 years without dissemination
77-35 Jensen O A
Ocular pathology of dietetically treated malignant choroidal melanoma in second eye
77-36 Balestrazzi E
A case of orbital tumour for discussion
77-37 Kock E
Multiple malignant melanomas in the conjunctiva
77-38 Seitz R
Congenital cataract in a Siberian tiger
77-39 Toussaint D
Ocular pathology in a case of Menkes' kinky hair syndrome
77-40 Stefani F H
Suspected Lowe's disease in a foetus
77-41 Cunha-Vaz J G
Orbital encephalocele
77-42 Mullaney J
? An accessory ciliary body
77-43 Babel J
Behçet's disease
77-44 Brihaye-van Geertruyden M
Retinal detachment (post-operative state and argon laser coagulation)

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