The EOPS Source Index 1972

The EOPS Source Index

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Helsinki, June 8th - 10th, 1972

11th Annual Meeting

72-01 Sanders T E
Sebaceous carcinoma inlacrimal gland
72-02 Günther G
Cylindroma of the lacrimal gland (adenoid-cystic carcinoma)
72-03 Quintana M
Sebaceous carcinoma of the caruncle
72-04 Fanta H
Myoepithelioma inregion of the inner angle of the left eye
72-05 Ashton N
Leishmanial keratitis
[Revised diagnosis by author: microsporidial keratitis]
72-06 Jensen O A
Anterior chamber cleavage syndrome. Peters' anomaly with congenital aphakia
72-07 Lee W R
Sirenomelia (mermaid foetus): Peters' anomaly; haemangioma of retina
72-08 Mullaney J
Edwards' syndrome
72-09 Donders P C
Corneal staphyloma. Coloboma of iris and upper and lower lids. Buphthalmos
72-10 Hanssens M
Hypertrophy of corneal nerves with congenital bilateral corneal opacities
72-11 Nover A H
Malignant haemangioendothelioma of the orbit
72-12 Kock E
Malignant mesenchymal tumour in the orbit
72-13 Leoz G
[Not presented]
72-14 Böck J
Lymphangioma of the orbit
72-15 Cunha-Vaz J G
Astrocytoma of the optic disc
72-16 Daicker B
Occlusion of the central retinal arteries in acute lymphatic leukaemia
72-17 Andersen S R
Retinoblastoma with necrosis of central retinal artery and vein and partial spontaneous regression
72-18 Vogel M H
72-19 Tost F W M
Buphthalmos with marked neurofibromatous changes (Morbus Recklinghausen) and with vascular structures
[Not presented]
72-20 Tarkkanen A
Ocular pathology in congenital cytomegalic inclusion disease
72-21 Garner A
GM2-gangliosidosis type 2 (Sandhoff's disease)
72-22 Naumann G O H
Xanthoma of iris
72-23 Casanovas J C
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease
72-24 Toussaint D
Extraocular muscle changes in nemaline myopathy
72-25 Morgan G
Acne agminata of the lids
72-26 Manschot W A
Intraocular coenurus infestation
72-27 Raivio I
Cataract and uveitis due to maternal rubella
72-28 Barry D R
Granulomatous anterior uveitis and hyalitis
72-29 Merenmies L
Congenital toxoplasmosis
72-30 Arnesen K
Melanosis of the conjunctiva
72-31 Babel J
Multifocal non-pigmented melanoma of the conjunctiva
72-32 Hamburg A
Malignant melanoma of ciliary body and iris
72-33 Balestrazzi E
Melanocytoma of the optic disc
72-34 Landolt E
Malignant melanoma of the choroid, invading the papilla
72-35 Scuderi G
Juxtapapillary malignant melanoma of the choroid involving the optic disc
72-36 Bec P
Malignant melanoma of the choroid with cervical lymph node invasion

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Letter to the Editor Tero Kivelä Courtesy of the University of Helsinki