The EOPS Source Index 1970

The EOPS Source Index

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Ghent, May 28th - 30th, 1970

9th Annual Meeting

70-01 Blodi F C
Ocular findings in Fabry's disease
70-02 Hamburg A
Ocular pathology in primary familial amyloidosis
70-03 Barry D R
Spontaneous rupture of the lens capsule
70-04 Ashton N
Ocular injury in the battered baby syndrome
70-05 Dhermy P
Intraocular phycomycosis (mucormycosis)
70-06 Casanovas J C
Incomplete Sturge-Weber syndrome
70-07 Hagedoorn A
Lamellar scleral resection (scleral imbrication)
70-08 Fanta H
Acute keratoconus
70-09 Hervouët F
Ligneous conjunctivitis
[Not presented]
70-10 Bembridge B A
Two cases of ocular sarcoid: lacrimal gland and conjunctiva
70-11 Günther G
Diffuse squamous cell carcinoma of the margins of the lid
70-12 Nover A H
Basal cell naevus syndrome
70-13 Scuderi G
Malignant lymphoma of lid margin
70-14 Kock E
Adenomatoid lesion in the conjunctiva
70-15 Morgan G
Lymphocytic tumour of the conjunctiva
70-16 Landolt E
Malignant melanoma of the conjunctiva invading the ciliary body
70-17 Balestrazzi E
Malignant melanoma of palpebral conjunctiva
70-18 Bec P
Cylindroma of the lacrimal gland
70-19 François J
Recurrence of malignant melanoma of the choroid several years after photocoagulation
70-20 Böck J
Sarcoma of the choroid
70-21 Hanssens M
Absolute glaucoma of clinically doubtful origin
70-22 Lund O-E
Malignant melanoma of the choroid in tissue culture
70-23 Arnesen K
Ganglioneuroma chorioideae. Phthisis bulbi
70-24 Naumann G O H
Carcinoma of the pigmented ciliary epithelium
70-25 Garner A
Adenocarcinoma of retinal pigment epithelium
70-26 Seitz R
Miliary aneurysm retinitis ?
70-27 Babel J
Ocular pathology of Steinert's myotonic dystrophy
70-28 Danis P
Refsum's disease
70-29 Andersen S R
Ocular pathology in hereditary (vitelliform) macular degeneration
70-30 Mullaney J
Congenital isolated posterior intrascleral ossification
70-31 Brihaye-van Geertruyden M
Hyaline bodies of the optic nerve associated with cystic macular changes
70-32 Jensen O A
Congenital dysplasia of the retina and congenital aphakia in the cocker spaniel
70-33 Litricin O
Persistence of the foetal intraocular vascular system
70-34 Brini A
A case of 13-15 trisomy
70-35 Tarkkanen A
Ocular pathology in triploidy
70-36 Manschot W A

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