The EOPS Source Index 1962

The EOPS Source Index

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London, April 10th - 11th, 1962

1st/Inaugural Meeting

62-01 Andersen S R
Malignant diktyoma
62-02 Hanssens M
Haemangiopericytoma of the orbit
62-03 Morgan G
Haemangioendothelioma of choroid
62-04 Babel J
Congenital opacity of the cornea
62-05 Scuderi G
Nodular tuberculosis of the skin of the lids and of the regional lymph nodes
62-06 Landolt E
The so-called epidemic blindness of the chamois
62-07 Günther G
Intra-epithelial epithelioma at the limbus corneae (Bowen's disease)
62-08 Duguid I M
Chronic endophthalmitis due to nematode larva
62-09 Manschot W A
Congenital aphakia
62-10 Brini A
Metastatic tumour of the choroid
62-11 Lund O-E
Report of a case of pyostomatitis vegetans with eye infection (a first observation)
62-12 Martin F
Endophthalmitis phaco-anaphylactica
62-13 Casanovas J C
Melanoblastoma of the choroid: photocoagulation
62-14 Velzeboer C M J
Pigmented naevus of iris
[representing Hagedoorn]
62-15 Dhermy P
Histological changes in the retina in Tay-Sachs disease
62-16 Hamburg A
Primary tumour of the iris in an eye removed after perforating injury
62-17 Seitz R
Spontaneously appearing amaurosis caused by injuries
62-18 Tarkkanen A
A case of metastatic malignant melanoma in the orbit
62-19 Kurus E
Squamous-cell carcinoma (epidermoid carcinoma) of the limbus
[from Collection Theodor Leber]
62-20 Gittler R
Microphthalmus due to congenital toxoplasmosis
62-21 Watzl
Neurofibromatosis (Recklinghausen's disease) of lids, orbit and eye
[representing Schwab]
62-22 Barry D R
Retinal dysplasia
62-23 Ashton N
Retinal pathology in a case of macroglobulinemia Waldenström
62-24 Danis P
Macular pigmentary degeneration associated with Friedreich's disease and melanoma of the iris
62-25 Audibert J
Tumour of iris with recurrent haemorrhages in the anterior chamber
62-26 Hervouët F
Section preparations concerning fresh retinal detachments
62-27 Cook C
Uveal lymphosarcoma
62-28 Taktikos A
Haemangioblastoma of the retina

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