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The 43rd Spring Meeting
Finland, February 7-10, 2013
Hotel Riekonlinna, Ivalo


European Ophthalmic Oncology Group
43rd Spring Meeting
2nd Annual Young Investigators Network Meeting
Ivalo, February 8-10, 2013
Hotel Riekonlinna, Saariselkä Village

Final Programme

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Young Investigators Workshop - Culturing tumour cells

In line with your feedback, the 2nd Annual YIN Meeting will take place as part of the OOG Spring Meeting in Lapland and will cover cell culture techniques. We aim to keep it very informal and to provide the opportunity to exchange practical tips and tricks. We have prepared a draft programme for the YIN meeting. We welcome your feedback and request suitable speakers to be nominated or to nominate themselves. The more people to share their expertise, the better.

Please notice that the YIN area on the OOG web site is now up and running. Please explore the YIN pages as they should be a helpful tool to aid networking. In order to populate the Members Database and make this user-friendly we ask that you (1) update your OOG profile on the web site and (2) complete our quick proforma to allow us to build a searchable table of member expertise for the webpage and return it by e-mail.

As the YIN is an integral part of the OOG we strongly encourage all researchers wishing to join the YIN become OOG members. However, should you not wish to join the OOG at this time, it is possible to arrange for a "guest membership" of the YIN for one year.

Dr Sarah Lake and Dr Martina Angi
YIN Non-Clinical and Clinical Representatives

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University of Helsinki