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Contact information:

Siltavuorenpenger 20 R
P.O. Box 9
00014 University of Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 191 20555
Fax  +358 9 191 20561  

Leena Krokfors

Full Professor Leena Krokfors

+358 50 3083380

+358 9 191 29587




1. Who am I?

Professor of Teacher Education, Head of the Class Teacher Education

2. University & department or other organization

University of Helsinki, Department of Applied Sciences of Education

Centre of Research on Teaching, Faculty of Behavioral Sciences of Education

3. What do you want to do with SCIL/Stanford. Describe you co-operation idea?

I am interested to learn how teaching practices have been organized and what kind of partnership arrangements has been developed. The study programs of teacher education are also in the focus of my interest areas especially the ideas and visions of teacher qualifications and competences.

8. Who would you like to meet?

I would like to meet teacher educators and researchers as well as students and their teachers at the practicing situations.

4. List your current research activities specially related to learning

The aim of the research project I am leading at a moment is to investigate how a multimode teacher education program supports the pedagogical idea of research-based teacher education. The focus is on the theoretical elaboration of learning while working on the basis of the theory of teacher’s pedagogical thinking. In the program, the students study and work as class teachers simultaneously. This enables the integration of theory and practice which is another theme of the research. An emerging topic is a wider investigation of research-based teacher education, particularly students’ learning experiences in it. The research project started in 2003 and it will end in 2006. It continues the research and development work that was established in the 1990s. Up to the spring 2005 there were 12 published items in the project.

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