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Research Bulletins (- 1999)

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Nro 52 (1980)
Kai Karma: The Ability to Structure Acoustic Material as a Measure of Musical Aptitude. 5. Summary and Conclusions. 33 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 53 (1980)
Johannes Paasonen: The Electronic Hand Calculator in Finnish Comprehensive School Mathematics Teaching. 50 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 54 (1980)
Anna-Liisa Leino: Learning Process in Terms of Styles and Strategies: Theoretical Background and Pilot Study. 40 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 55 (1981)
Inkeri Sava: Emotion and Cognition in Visual Art Education. 46 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 56 (1981)
Erkki Komulainen and Pertti Kansanen: Classroom Analysis: Concepts, Findings, Applications. DPA Helsinki Investigations III. 52 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 57 (1981)
Jarkko Leino: Psychometric Test Theory and Cognitive Processes: A Theoretical Scrutiny and Empirical Research. 74 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 58 (1982)
Kaj Malm: On the Dynamics of Undergraduate Performance and Dropout. 14 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 59 (1982)
Anna-Liisa Leino: Learning Process in Terms of Styles and Strategies: Case Studies. 51 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 60 (1982)
Erkki A. Niskanen & al.: Research Project on Educational Aims. 105 pp.

Nro 61 (1983)
Anna-Liisa Leino & Arja Puurula: Admission to Teacher Education and Two Cognitive Styles. 54 pp.

Nro 62 (1984)
Karl Bruhn: The Helsinki Test. The Inkblots and Using the Test. 49 pp.

Nro 63 (1984)
Lyyli Ronkonen: Realization of Didactic Principles in Foreign Language Teaching in Soviet Schools. 30 pp.

Nro 64 (1986)
Vello Sermat: An Exploration of the Interpersonal Relationships, Health-Related Behavior and Physical and Mental Health of Finnish University Students. 29 pp.

Nro 65 (1987)
Hannele Niemi: The Meaning of Life among Secondary School Pupils. A Theoretical Frame- work and Some Initial Results. 81 pp.

Nro 66 (1987)
Vesa A. Niskanen: Some Principal Results of the Studies Carried out in the Research Project on Instructional Material. 27 pp.

Nro 67 (1988)
Kaarina Yli-Renko: Assessing Foreign Language Training Needs of Adults. A case study from Finland. 90 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 68 (1988)
Anneli Sarvimäki: Knowledge in Interactive Practice Disciplines. An analysis of knowledge in education and health care. 276 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 69 (1988)
Kaarina Yli-Renko: Intercultural Communications as an Aim of English Language Teaching. 45 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 70 (1989)
Seppo Kontiainen: Integrating Information in Conceptual Models. Use of an information structure in building conceptual models for behavioural studies. 59 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 71 (1989)
Jarkko Leino: Theoretical Bacground and Development of Instructional Materials. 25 pp.

Nro 72 (1989)
Anna-Liisa Leino, Jarkko Leino and Juha P. Lindstedt: A Study of Learning Styles. 68 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 73 (1990)
Irene Kristiansen: Nonverbal Intelligence and Foreign Language Learning. 164 pp. Painos loppu.

Nro 74 (1990)
Tapio Puolimatka: Pluralism and Education in Values. 31 pp.

Nro 75 (1990)
Erkki A. Niskanen: Personality as an Educational Phenomenon. 44 pp.

Nro 76 (1990)
Vesa A. Niskanen: Describing Personality Utilizing the Theory of Fuzzy Systems. 16 pp.

Nro 77 (1991)
Raimo Laasonen: Modeling System Operators Affecting the Information Organizer of an Individual. 104 pp.

Nro 78 (1991)
Seppo Kontiainen: Use of Conceptual Models in Case Studies. Dynamic Concept Analysis. Applications in collaboration with Klaus Helkama, Peter Herriot, John Hobrough, Jyri Manninen, John Roscoe and Malcolm Tight. 237 pp.

Nro 79 (1991)
Jarkko Leino: Dynamic Knowledge in School. An Action Research on Instructional Development with the Aid of Microcomputers. 116 pp.

Nro 80 (1991)
Raimo Laasonen: Self-Identification of Personality in Social Environment. 20 pp.

Nro 81 (1992)
Pertti Yli-Luoma: Predictors of Critical Thinking Abilities. A Rasch-Model Approach. 142 pp.

Nro 82 (1992)
Irene Kristiansen: Foreign Language Learning and Nonlearning. 189 pp.

Nro 83 (1992)
Yrjö Engeström: Interactive Expertise: Studies in Distributed Working Intelligence. 105 pp.

Nro 84 (1993)
Anna-Liisa Leino-Margareth Drakenberg: Metaphor. An Educational Perspective. 70 pp.

Nro 85 (1993)
Elina Lahelma:Policies of Gender and Equal Oppurtunities in Curriculum Development: Discussing the Situation in Finland and Britain. 49 pp.

Nro 86 (1994)
Lyyli Ronkonen and Igor Skripjuk: The Problem of Personality in Soviet and Russian Pedago- gics. Research Project Personality as an Educational Phenomenon by Professor Erkki A. Niskanen. 1994. 44 pp.

Nro 87 (1995)
Paula Kyrö: The Management Consulting Industry Described by Using the Concept of "Profession". 304 pp.

Nro 88 (1995)
Timo Toiviainen: The Early Contribution of Adult Education to the European Unification Process: the Genesis of the European Bureau of Adult Education and "Meeting Europe" Courses, 1950-1970. 219 pp.

Nro 89 (1995)
Satya Mehndiratta Klason: Social Network and Self Conception of Elderly People. 246 pp.

Nro 90 (1996)
Editors: Donald Sharpes & Anna-Liisa Leino: The Dynamic Concept of Curriculum. Invited papers to honour the memory of Paul Hellgren. 143 pp.

Nro 91 (1995)
Margareth Drakenberg: Compusory School Development in Sweden. A three-dimensional view.

Nro 92 (1996)
Juan Carlos Llorente: Problem Solving and Constitution of Knowledge at Work. 275 pp.

Nro 93 (1996)
Pertti V.J. Yli-Luoma: Attachment Theoretical Predictors of Preschool Behaviour. A Meta-Analytical Study. 81 pp.

Nro 94 (1996)
Pertti V.J. Yli-Luoma (ed.): From Metascience to Educational Policy. In Honour of Erkki A. Niskanen. Metatieteestä koulutuspolitiikkaan. Juhlakirja. 267 pp.

Nro 95 (ei ole ilmestynyt)

Nro 96 (1998)
Shirin Adatia-Sandström: Internationalisation in Swedish Undergraduate Nursing Education: It's Interpretation and Implementation in the Context of Nursing with Tender Loving Care. 209 pp.

Nro 97 (1998)
Juha P. Lindstedt: Computer Assisted Learning Program Analysis

Nro 98 (1998)
He Jin: Narrative, Visual Model and Dragon Culture. A Narrative Analysis of Two Movies preferred by Chinese Adolescents. 221 pp.

Nro 99 (1998)
Reima L. Lehtimäki: Driver Training Type and Performance in the Driving Exam. 57 pp.

Nro 100 (1999)
Merja Kärkkäinen: Teams as Breakers of Traditional Work Practices. A Longitudinal Study of Planning and Implementing Curriculum Units in Elementary School Teacher Teams. 238 pp.


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