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Seppo Kontiainen
Integrating Information in Conceptual Models

2002; 8 articles; 243 pp.
Price 27 €
ISBN 952-10-0630-7 (PBK)
ISBN 952-10-0645-5 (PDF)

University of Helsinki
Department of Education

Helsinki University Press


The book introduces Dynamic Concept Analysis (DCA) as a way of analysing phenomena using conceptual models. An aim has been to develop recearch methodology to suit to understanding how `the whole is more than the sum of its parts` in the fields of education and social sciences. DCA can be regarded as a general approach to research that might have applications also in other fields. DCA allows systematic use of information in building conceptual models. It possible to build a bridge between the nomothetic and idiographic approaches, i.e. to use the same conceptual framework for general descriptions and for describing individual cases. It has been used as an interpreter between theoretical concepts and empirical observations. The book includes theoretical discussions on DCA, and seven applications. DCA program and more information is available on

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