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Institutum Classicum
PO BOX 24 (Unioninkatu 40)
00014 University of Helsinki
puh. (09) 191 22681
fax (09) 191 22161
Metsätalo, A-Wing, Fabianinkatu 39, 2nd Floor
Open Mon-Fri 8.00 am to 6.00 pm



Most students begin their Greek studies from the rudiments but language skills are developed from the first year on. The students will learn how to use varied sources: documents preserved in papyri and inscriptions and archeological artefacts shed light on information acquired from literary texts. As their studies progress, the students will focus on research methods and independent work based on research. The importance of research is emphasised from the basic studies on. If they so wish, the students may supplement their competence with pedagogical studies.

The degree requirements: here